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About Us

Fairlawn Capital is a full-service real estate investment management firm committed to exceeding your financial goals while improving our communities.


How are we different?

While we adopt a variety real estate investment strategies, our core philosophy is finding value where others don’t. We transform underperforming properties and ensure their quality for the long term. This commitment creates a better product, resulting in better returns. Your investment thrives, and so do our neighborhoods.

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We manage a diverse portfolio of real estate assets
We use technology to maximize performance
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Our platform is fully integrated
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We're committed to long-term value creation
We see value where others don't

Our interests are aligned with yours, so every investment decision is made with thoughtful consideration and impeccable stewardship.


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Our Track Record

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Meet Our Team

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Chris Hartman
Co-Founder, Partner
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Will Thompson
Co-Founder, Managing Partner
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Jason Barickman

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